uno1 (1)

uno1 (1)
= one (1).
Ex. Legal advice centres are usually run and staffed part-time by groups of solicitors working to a rota system and open one or two evenings a week.
* a excepción de uno = with one exception.
* dos no se pelean si uno no quiere = it takes two to tangle, it takes two to tango, it takes two to make a quarrel.
* enemigo público número uno = public enemy number one.
* en uno o dos segundos = in an instant or two.
* número uno = number one.
* que sólo se hace una vez = once-off.
* que tiene lugar una vez a la semana = once-weekly.
* todo en uno = all in one.
* una cuarta parte = one-quarter (1/4), one in four.
* una cuarta parte (1/4) = one fourth (1/4).
* una cuarta parte de = a fourth of.
* una décima parte = one tenth [one-tenth], one in ten.
* una imagen vale más que mil palabras = a picture is worth more than ten thousand words.
* una imagen vale mil palabras = every picture tells a story.
* una manzana podrida echar a perder el resto de la cesta = one rotten apple spoils the whole barrel.
* un año antes de = a year ahead of.
* un año antes de lo previsto = a year ahead of schedule.
* una octava parte = one in eight.
* una pieza más en el engranaje = a cog in the wheel, a cog in the machine.
* una pieza más en la organización = a cog in the wheel, a cog in the machine.
* una quinta parte = one-fifth [one fifth], one in five.
* una quinta parte de = a fifth of.
* una tajada = a slice of the cake.
* una tercera parte = one third (1/3), one in three.
* una vez = once, one time.
* una vez al año = annually, once a year.
* una vez a la semana = once a week.
* una vez al mes = once a month.
* una vez cada dos semanas = once a fortnight.
* una vez en la vida = once in a lifetime.
* una vez en + Posesivo + vida = once in + Posesivo + lifetime.
* una vez más = again, yet again.
* una vez que = when.
* una y otra vez = over and over, repeatedly, repetitively, time after time, time and time again, again and again, time and again, over and over again.
* un cuarto (1/4) = one fourth (1/4).
* uno a cero = one down.
* uno a uno = in turn, one at a time, one by one, on a one-to-one basis, one for one.
* un octavo = one in eight.
* uno de cada cinco = one in five.
* uno de cada cuatro = one in four.
* uno de cada diez = one in ten.
* uno de cada ocho = one in eight.
* uno de cada tres = one in three.
* uno de los dos investigadores principales = co-principal investigator.
* uno de los padres = parent.
* uno de más = one too many.
* uno de sobra = one too many.
* uno de tantos en la organización = a cog in the wheel.
* uno entre mil = one of a thousand.
* uno más de tantos en la organización = a cog in the machine.
* uno por uno = in turn, one by one.
* uno tras otro = in turn, one after the other, sequentially, one after another.
* un quinto (1/5) = one-fifth [one fifth].
* un tercio = one in three.
* un tercio (1/3) = one third (1/3), a third (1/3).

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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